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Why You Need a Process Server

Here in Colorado, you may be wondering if you really need to hire a process server to deliver your court paperwork. While saving some cash by trusting your process to a friend or family member may sound tempting, it can really mess up your case in the end if the process is not served in a valid manner. In this post, we’ll go over the reasons why hiring a private process server is always a good idea.

Your Time is Valuable

Many people underestimate the value of their time. If you’re an attorney who works several cases at the same time, you’ve already got a lot on your plate. The last thing you need to be doing in chasing case defendants around town. Manage your time wisely by trusting your case process to a professional process server, like those here at Accurate Serve® of Denver. Continue reading

The Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

If someone is taking you to court because they believe you owe them money, you probably would like to avoid the entire situation. Unfortunately, that is not possible. No matter how many times you duck and dodge a process server attempting to deliver the court summons and complaint to you, you will still end up being served. How? When a defendant avoids service to stall a court case, the plaintiff can request service by substitution or publication. If allowed, this means that someone other than the defendant can be served the court documents or that a notification about the pending service may be published in the local newspaper. Once the terms of the alternative service have been met, the defendant will be required to appear in court on the scheduled date or face the consequences. Some of the most common potential consequences for avoiding a process server include: Continue reading

Things a Process Server Can Use to Get the Door Answered

Is a process server searching for you because of a court case or lawsuit? Wondering what exactly the server can do to find and serve you? In this post, we’ll cover what a process server is, some of the most common tactics process servers can use to find their target, and what is not allowed.

What Does a Process Server Do?

A process server is a person who delivers legal papers to another individual, usually through personal delivery or by mail. The process server must attempt to give the document to the recipient in person if possible. If the recipient is unavailable after multiple attempts, the server may ask for permission to serve the recipient by alternative means. Continue reading

How Many Days are Given to a Process Server to Serve Case Documents in Denver?

When serving process in the state of Colorado, process servers have a specific number of days to complete their service. This article will explore what that timeframe is, as well as some possible consequences for not completing service within that time limit.

What is Service of Process?

Service of process is the process of providing a defendant with notice of a pending legal action against them. This allows the defendant an opportunity to defend themselves in court. In order for the service of process to be valid, the summons and complaint must be delivered to the defendant in a way that meets the requirements of due process. Continue reading

What is a Process Server?

Definition of a Process Server

A process server hand delivers (most of the time) court case paperwork to the parties named in the case. While this job may sound a little underwhelming, it actually plays a very important role in the American legal system and upholds the constitutional rights of court litigants every single day.

Due Process

Did you know that part of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution refers to the need for process servers? It’s known as the “Due Process Clause”, and it prohibits the government from depriving “any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” That due process of law includes notification of upcoming court dates so that the defendant or witness has adequate time to prepare. That notification, in many cases, comes from process servers. Continue reading

Important Rules Process Servers Must Follow

In Colorado, there is no certification or licensing program for private process servers. Instead, the courts rely on honesty amongst servers, attorneys, and litigants to ensure that the case process is served and received as intended.

Even though there is not an official process server designation in the state, there are still rules that anyone serving process in Colorado must follow. At a minimum, process servers are expected to: Continue reading

April Newsletter 2022

Message from the Founder

We have great news in the process serving world in regards to service of process originating from the great state of Michigan.  The Governor signed Senate Bill 244 into law on March 23, 2022.  The law will go into effect 180 days from that date, so September 20, 2022.

What does the Bill say and what changes will take place? The main change in this Bill is the change of the current requirement of needing Affidavits of Service to only requiring a written Statement of Service, or a Return of Service that does not need to be notarized. A Return of Service is without notary and an Affidavit of Service has a notary block on it.

If you are an Attorney in Michigan, this article is a Heads Up for you. If you start seeing Returns of Service for MI cases now, that is not good. But, if you start seeing them closer to the end of the year, just know that it is proper at that point (after 9-20-22).

The entire Bill is attached for your viewing pleasure.

Beau Charlet

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Bring on the sunshine! Spring is here and as it does every year it brings a change of seasons. Out with the old and in with the new for 2022! This year Accurate Serve® Plantation has a big change to share as well. There has been a change in ownership and management for the Plantation office. Moving forward, when you reach out to our Plantation office you will be greeted by myself and my team. I personally have over 8 years of experience in the industry and operating Accurate Serve® Offices. My team oversees offices throughout Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie, Dallas and Houston and I am excited to extend our customer services into the Miami area.

There will be no changes to the way that you send us work. You can email the documents for service to [email protected] or submit the work through our websites ‘send work’ tab here www.accurateserveplantation.com/sendwork

What you can expect moving forward is, friendly and professional customer service, timely responses to emails/phone calls and updates on jobs. Quick turnaround on signed returns/affidavits.

Accurate Serve® Plantation is revamped for the 2022 year and I am excited to work with our current and new clients down the road. My office is here for any of your processing serving needs, no matter the location of service you can email us the documents. My team will always confirm receipt of your emails and we will keep you updated on our progress for each job.

If you are a current customer, THANK YOU! Your business is greatly appreciated and I have enjoyed meeting you through phone and email conversations. If you have used our services in the past, please contact us the next time you are in need of service in order to meet our new team. I look forward to assisting Attorneys and Paralegals alike with your process serving needs and earning your business.

Thank you,

Brandon Muscato
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Did you know that FL courts started e-filing on 4-1-13?  That was close to 9 years ago. Before e-filing, we would walk stacks of cases into the Clerk’s office and let them stamp and file everything with hard copies. Those sure were different times.
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February 2022 Job Statistics

February 2022 Job Count – 4,045
Average Number of Days from Receiving Paper to Paper Being Served* – 6.04

*This includes jobs that may be on hold or waiting for new info. There is no way to take those jobs out of the calculation. So, if a job is placed on hold for 2 weeks, that’s 14 days on that job which factors in to this average. So, we’re even better than what the eyes see, LOL. Some papers get served same day, some next day and some take multiple attempts/addresses to effect service. All we do all day and every day is serve papers. We’re good at it and we love what we do. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to serve your papers.

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Legal Steps that Occur After You File a Civil Complaint

When you file a civil complaint against an individual or business, there are several wheels that begin turning behind the scenes. The exact processes will depend on the specifics of your case, but in general, all cases go through a predetermined series of steps, depending on the monetary amount involved:

Amount of Claim Where to File
Up to $7,500 County Small Claims
$7,500 to $25,000 County Civil
$25,000 or more District Civil

Continue reading

February Newsletter 2022

Message from the Founder

One of the 2 official Accurate Serve® golf teams were in full swing last week. We had the privilege to play in the 7th Annual Lakeland Bar Association Golf Tournament.  The AS team consisted of Beau Charlet (me), Ty Hurner, Derek Keating and Cameron Cole.
The AS team was 1 of 12 teams that competed that day.  We were proud to shoot a 67, 5 under par.  This was a best ball tournament so I contributed more in the laughter department rather than the skill portion but I did put a great team together that could really swing the clubs.  Our team fell 4 strokes off the lead, see below results:
1st: Drew Moody; Taylor Rogers; Barrett Sumner; and Robbie VanDruten
2nd: Kevin Albaum; Zach Brown; John Lancaster; and Brad Stainsby
3rd: Zach Sellars; Tony Allen; Steve Runfeldt; and JP Runfeldt

And the Long Drive Award went to: Dave Dismuke

This was the 2nd year our team competed in this tournament.  Although we have yet to win, we have never failed to have a great time.

Beau Charlet

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As we get through the late stages of our winter months Accurate Serve® Houston would like to continue providing new clients with a warm welcome and a team that is on fire when it comes to serving process.

For the month of January our office had an average of 4.5 days from when we received a job to when it was served. Our routine service is attempted every 2-4 days, so this average shows that the majority of our jobs are served within 1-2 attempts. Once a job is served our team is getting the signed returns back to our clients within a day, on average. These are numbers that I am proud to share as our team works hard to provide the best service possible. Even then, we will continue to work on getting these averages lower.

If you have worked with our team and enjoyed the experience there are two things you can do that would be a huge help to our office. First, google review. Your positive feedback would be greatly appreciated and allows us to share with the world the 5 star service we want to provide all of our clients. A Google review can be left here – www.accurateservehouston.com/review

Second, refer us to a friend/colleague. We would love the opportunity to speak with any Attorney, Paralegal or Pro Se that you know and have the opportunity to earn their business. The best way to refer to our office is, have them call and let us know that you sent them our way, or make an email introduction. Both of these methods provide a great way for my office to introduce ourselves and let the potential client know about our services and how we can help them.

P.S. – Accurate Serve® Houston is looking for a local Paralegal Association to sponsor. I have had no luck contacting anyone from the association I have reached out to. If you know of someone I can reach from the Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association or another association in the area please send me that contact information.

Knock knock knock… You’ve been served!

Brandon Muscato
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Accurate Serve® of Detroit opened for Business October of 2020 coming up on 16months. It was off to a tough start in the Motor City having a lot of business with the Law Firms and the Courts being done from home on ZOOM calls. We have grown and adapted with our clients and as a company since that time. While the Courts houses are still closed indefinitely in some of our locations we are able to combat that with appointments, emails, and phone calls. The Courts have worked really well with us getting out of state subpoenas for these cases. Being able to mail them in and being able to have a server go pick them up. Our clients have recognized that we are able to overcome, adapt, and be successful during these difficult times with COVID-19. We will continue to use all of our available resources moving forward to accomplish the task at hand.

Another key to the success of the Detroit Office lies in our 40 plus franchises that are operating prior to opening this office. The wealth of knowledge, experience, and integrity have helped shape the values and success of Accurate Serve® of Detroit. Rest assured If I do not have the answer, I will be more than happy to let you know I don’t, but I will get you the answer from the correct and reliable sources.

We have grown a lot in the last 16 months and look to continue to spread our wings into the future. We look to be more involved in Wayne and Oakland county with our clients. We are looking forward to understanding these needs in a constantly changing future to better serve you.

Take care,

Erik Devlin
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Did you realize that we had 2 days in the month of February where every digit of the date was the same number? 2-2-22 and 2-22-22. These dates are also referred to as palindrome dates. A palindrome date reads the same backward or forward.
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January 2022 Job Statistics

January 2022 Job Count – 4,047
Average Number of Days from Receiving Paper to Paper Being Served* – 5.9

*This includes jobs that may be on hold or waiting for new info. There is no way to take those jobs out of the calculation. So, if a job is placed on hold for 2 weeks, that’s 14 days on that job which factors in to this average. So, we’re even better than what the eyes see, LOL. Some papers get served same day, some next day and some take multiple attempts/addresses to effect service. All we do all day and every day is serve papers. We’re good at it and we love what we do. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to continue to serve your papers.

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The Types of Documents Process Servers Serve

Process servers play the vital role of ensuring that all parties in a legal case are properly and promptly notified of when and where their upcoming court case will be heard. This gives defendants plenty of time to prepare for the case or find legal representation. Witnesses may want to role-play answering questions so they are not so nervous on the stand.

Process servers provide this notification to case parties by serving them process, or the documents related to the court case. There are many different documents that a process server may deliver, including summons, complaints, subpoenas, and writs.


A summons does just thatit summons a defendant to court to respond to accusations. The summons will contain the date, time, and place where the case will be heard. Abiding by a summons is not optional. Continue reading