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Terms & Conditions

We do require pre-payment for all new Clients. Established Clients may not be subject to pre-payment. If pre-payment is not required our terms mandate payment of that Invoice within 30 days. If an Invoice is not paid within the 30 day period, it is subject to an administrative/late fee in the amount of $5 per Invoice. That fee will be assessed again if the Invoice is still not paid after 60 days. Invoices over 90 days are subject to collection.

Denver Office:
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600 17th Street South, Suite 2800
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How do you pay your Invoice? You can send a check to our address located on this website. Or, you can process payment 24-7, 365 via same said website. Sorry, no Bitcoin, Apple Pay or any other digital/crypto currency is currently accepted at this location, just checks or credit cards please.

Addresses & Attempts

Do you have multiple addresses for the Defendant(s)? It is our suggestion that you provide us with the best address that you feel we can make service. For corporate serves, this is generally the Registered Agent or the hierarchy of authorized titles, President, VP and down the line. For service on individuals, either a home or work address. Please note, we do charge per address.

For residential and corporate serves, we provide up to four attempts at service. For corporate serves at workplaces, attempts will be made during normal business hours. For corporate serves at residences and residential serves, we will try at all times of the day, including early AM, late PM and Saturdays. If we are serving an individual at their POE, a work schedule would help and attempts will be made per that schedule.

Our Process

So, papers are sent to us, we log them in our system, assign them to our Server and get to work. If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so before our Server has made efforts. Once Server makes that first attempt, then we can no longer provide a refund since service has already been attempted. No discounts either, sorry.

Interested in our services and want to know how to get started? If you need a rate for service, please email or call. Our rates are fair and the service we provide is invaluable. But the rates vary depend on speed of service, number of defendants, number of addresses, etc.

Next, please get us the service documents via email or by utilizing the Send Work feature on this very website. After that, if pre-payment is required, please make it. If you are an established Client, we will get the docs out for service.

Servers use our software App and update jobs from the field, so you will remain informed throughout. Once service has been made, we will email our Clients a Return of Service or an Affidavit of Service. If an Original is needed, we will follow up w/ it in the mail.

We offer Routine, Rush and Same Day Service!!!!


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