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How to Achieve Success as a Process Server

Service of process is both a challenging and rewarding job. Process servers uphold a vital part of the United States Constitution, ensuring due process for anyone summoned to court. Without process servers, stalled court cases would jam up the legal system and defendants would have no warning of their need to prepare a defense. The fairness and speed of court proceedings rely heavily on the services provided by process servers. Follow these tips and tricks to be the absolute best process server you can be:

Know the Rules

The laws that relate to service of process differ from state to state, or even from county to county. It’s important to thoroughly review all laws and related resources about the service of process in the area where you plan to work. By being familiar with the laws in your area, you will avoid errors that could be detrimental to your client’s case.

Be Prepared

Once you receive a request to serve process from a client, you need to discover as much information as possible about the target before ever setting one foot out the door to serve them. Your client may have basic information about the target, such as their name, addresses, phone numbers, and maybe even a photo. However, you’ll want to know more than that. Before attempting service, find out information about the target’s employment, known hangouts, history of violence, pending court dates, and other legal matters. Researching the neighborhoods where the target lives and works can also help you plan a safe service attempt. Between information available online and via the court’s public records, you can build a complete profile of your target and increase the likelihood of successful service on the first try.

Be Creative

It would be nice if all targets were easily located and served, but many targets do not want to be found. When a target is actively avoiding service, you may have to get creative to locate them. Carefully planned photographs or a well-timed stakeout can give you the information you need to accomplish the job.

Be Polite

It is always best when you can get the target’s signature to prove you served the correct person. Since most people typically don’t enjoy being served, it’s extra important to be nice and polite to the target once they’re located. This will get you more cooperation than acting condescending or superior. Always remember that just because a person is being summoned to court does not mean they are a criminal, and they should always be treated with respect.

If you want to achieve success as a Colorado process server, you’ll need knowledge, ambition, and dedication. Contact us at (303) 501-7121 to find out how we can help you start a prosperous and lucrative career with Denver’s premier process service agency, Accurate Serve.