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Where Can Defendants be Served?

If someone has filed a civil lawsuit against you, you may be wondering exactly where the process server might show up. Defendants often have misconceptions about where they can and cannot be served, like believing that they can’t be served at work or in public. Unfortunately for them, these beliefs just aren’t true.

No Safe Zones

The truth is that a process server can serve a defendant with process documents pretty much anywhere as long as they do not break any laws in doing so. This means a defendant can be served at their own home, at their place of employment, or anywhere in public. 

A Few Exceptions

There are very few places where a defendant cannot be served. However, since a process server cannot break any laws while serving process (such as trespassing), the defendant may be able to conceal themselves somewhere other than their residence and avoid being found by the process server. For example, if a defendant went to a friend’s house to hide from the process server and the friend refused to reveal that the defendant was there, the process server would have no right to enter the premises and find the defendant, as this would be considered trespassing or maybe even breaking and entering. In this case, after several attempts to serve the defendant, the process server should seek out alternative means of service with the governing court.

What is an Alternative Service?

Alternative service occurs when a defendant cannot be located in person after several attempts, so a judge orders that they be served with the process via alternative means, such as substitution or publication. Once the server has met the requirements for these alternative service methods, the defendant is considered served and the case can proceed.

Service of Process in Denver

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