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Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server

Do you need to hire a process server in Colorado? Colorado doesn’t have any certification or licensure requirements for process servers. As long as the server is 18 or older and not directly involved in the case, they’re good to go. But just because the state is lax on who can serve process doesn’t mean you should let just anyone handle your process! Delivering court documents is an important part of any legal case, and you want to be sure that yours are delivered to the right person and on time. That’s why you should always opt for the services of a professional process service company for this vital task.

When searching for a process server, be sure to ask the following questions so you are informed and sure that you’re going with the best possible candidate:

Can I See Some References?

As with any job, it is completely acceptable to request references from a process server you are considering for hire. Servers claiming to have years of experience in the industry should have no problem producing a list of previous and current clients. If the server is new, ask for references from previous employment or professionals who can vouch for their character. Be sure to contact and verify all references before making a choice to hire someone.

How Much Do You Charge?

Payment should be discussed upfront. While it’s impossible to predict what may happen or what actions will need to be taken to get your process served, a reputable process server should be able to tell you their base fee for simple services, along with how fees are calculated for more complex scenarios.

How Long Does Service Typically Take?

Again, it is impossible to predict exactly how long serving your process will take since each case is different, but most cases are handled in just a few days. Cases with hard-to-locate recipients can take much longer. Ask the process server you are interviewing what their average service time is and how they handle cases that go beyond their typical time frame.

What Happens If You Can’t Locate the Process Recipient(s)?

Ask the potential process server about how they handle cases where the process recipient(s) cannot be located, even after a diligent search. They should be familiar with requesting alternative services from the local court in these situations.

How Will You Communicate With Me About the Status of My Case?

Communication is incredibly important when working with a process server. Always inquire about how the server intends to notify you of the status of your case. Here at Accurate Serve, we keep our clients updated 24/7 with our online status update tool. Other common forms of communication include phone calls, texts, emails, in-person meetings, and more.

Denver’s Premier Service of Process Team

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